Why Technology is Bad – And You Should Be Mad

This is why technology is bad. While I was younger I used to watch the Discovery Channel and was a fan of the Engineering Toolbox. On the Discovery Channel there were two hosts and they would have a show on each topic. I enjoyed watching them.

Watching a computer program run on a monitor while other people used some sort of calculator was fascinating. I was told that a programmer at home made these programs and for a while they had them running. Once the program became apparent that they were not using it to their advantage, it was obvious that something was wrong. Then the programming stopped running and I never heard about them again.

My opinion is that it is bad to watch a computer program being run when your own engineer is using an instrument to make a product. There is nothing wrong with wanting to use your brain, but if you do not use it to its full capacity, you are not using your mind at all. The Computer was meant to be used, and to be used in an effective manner.

When we get on the road and the best thing that we can do is use our brains we don’t know what to do with it. What do we do with it? How do we best use it?

We know that you cannot use it the way you have been taught to use it. We know that you cannot ever do the work of three engineers, and yet we don’t learn how to do it effectively and this is where technology has led us.

You know what I did not learn? I did not learn how to speak French or how to play the piano or build a simple instrument and it turned out that I was worse off than I would have been in another century if I had not learned how to play the piano.

make When I did start using this simple instrument to make music I never looked back. I am not saying that you should use your computer to make music; rather the fact is that all people should learn how to do this in order to make money. You will not make money unless you learn how to use your brain.

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