Eyes on Innovative Therapeutics from the World, A Focus on Accelerating Product Development in China

Worg Pharma

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China with an operating center in the United States. The founding members are from China, the United States and Europe, and have a deep collective knowledge and experience of pharmaceutical development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs and market access.

Worg Pharma employs a business approach to accelerate the product development and registration in China market by in-licensing commercial or late stage clinical assets through resources access, profit sharing, co-development and other forms of flexible collaborations.

·   Accelerated access to China market.

·   Optimizing the clinical development pathway, managing clinical and regulatory risk.

·   Focused on medical need, speed of execution and quality.

·   Supported by established long term investors.

Our Team Members

The following is an introduction to some team members in our company.

Andrew Xu PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Great leadership on strategy and organization, and experienced and knowledgeable in merger and acquisition and global operations.

Howard Yuwen PhD


30 years of experience in clinical research, pharmaceutical development, regulatory affairs and biotech investment. Technical and business leader with increasing responsibilities in multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Charles Richard Jones DM MRCP

Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

30 years of experience in clinical research and product development in global pharmaceutical biotech and CRO companies.

Vision and Mission

To become a respected biopharmaceutical company through accelerated development of new treatments for China.

• Worg Pharma cares: We care about patients and focus on their medical needs.

• Worg Pharma creates: We create a D (Development) to R (Research) approach to accelerate product development to the market.

• Worg Pharma delivers: We deliver new treatments to patients and create value for our partners.

What We Do?

Enable partners to expand their presence by increasing commercial access to the China market.

Expand health care opportunities for patients in China.

Increase asset value for partner companies by expansion of the market and a unique reward sharing opportunity.

Why Worg Pharma?

You can profit from a deep knowledge and experience of late stage pharmaceutical development and market access.

We offer an established credible and connected network with the global pharmaceutical industry, business and investment communities.

You can leverage partner expertise and flexible deal structure to create a win-win for all.

We guarantee a strong and stable financing.

How Worg Pharma Operates?

By using a unique business model for global collaborators to access the China market with a flexible deal structure to create value for our partners.

By leveraging knowledge with our China expertise in product development, clinical research, regulatory communications and commercialization experience.

By providing a unique access to China financing.

Our Products

Under Construction


Under Construction


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